Silent Knowing by Jim Grant


Photo “Roses in Sintra, Portugal” by Jim Grant


Words often fail to offer sufficient clarity what someone has experienced in their life. A face-to-face conversation helps, yet in trying to understand we struggle to make a connection where true communication happens. That space is alive because it’s based on mutual trust you access from your inner knowing. Ask almost any CEO or leader of people how they know?

You might hear something such as:

“It’s often a gut feeling. Sometimes it’s taking a step back and looking at the whole person to truly appreciate all of who they are.”

This can be quite literally an inner opening when we do. When we do we are inviting more of each of us into the space of being human. It can be as simple as knowing that someone is there to support you. That’s what matters most.


Jim Grant is an Executive Leadership Coach living in Helsinki, Finland. Give him a call (+358 40 178 1030) or send him a note

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