Spiritual Leadership: Above The Line? Below The Line? / by Jim Grant


This post isn’t about God. It’s about how the fiasco’s of post-modern business come to be true. It’s chasing a hazy idea based on market dominance, a bottom line, an extra 10% of something. An increasing number of executives eventually come to a place where their current reality doesn’t make sense. Corporate take-overs and chasing a dollar end up being your prison or being thrown into one. It’s a shock-point of waking to a reality of people and an organization following you down the rabbit hole.

Unrealistic visions, goals or greed seduce people into corporate suicide. They can quickly destroy an organization, colleagues or in some cases end up disemboweling the environment. Spiritual leadership asks that you stop, question and check in with your ‘Inner Wisdom’ before committing to personal or organizational visions, objectives, and goals. Spiritual Leadership is not about religion or touchy-feely ‘woo-woo’ stuff. It’s deciding and choosing above the line thinking and behavior.

How does “My dream …” become a ‘leg-trap’ of, “it’s not enough,” “I’ll work harder,” “longer hours,” “early retirement,” “when I have enough money”? These are all dead-end pathways to failing health, stress burn-out, and addictions of every kind. In the quest for personal or organizational gain, an illusory more than we care to admit feels like chasing butterflies with eyes closed only to realize we’re stepping off the corporate cliff grabbing hand full’s of fresh air.

Beginning with an illusion created by a lack of clarity about what’s important, personal values and unquestioned living become how we see our work and various life roles. Is reality only about establishing a goal, putting it on a flip-chart, showing it to others and getting to work? When reality collides with expectations, we forget to adjust the target and try to warp reality. Is aiming for a million Euros profit when our market yields nine hundred thousand what matters? So we get creative about cutting costs, people and processes to realize an elusive ten percent.

It’s not being able to step back and questioning if the ten percent is a walk through our mind (mine)-field of expectations. Galvanized to a magic number of an extra hundred thousand Euros, perverted thinking and believing something that creates a mine (mind)-set of the nine hundred thousand of the one million as true. Now ‘fudging the figures,’ ‘cooking the books,’ ‘outright lies,’ and a ‘pornography of illegal transactions’ become the slippery slope of “new values and belief systems.”

What do you need in your life to restore balance? What would you like to have happened?


Jim Grant is a Leadership and Executive Coach living in Helsinki, Finland. Are you looking to make an authentic difference? Call +358 040 1781030 or e-mail him at jim.grant@diversitas.oy

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