Vision Is – What Vision Does / by Jim Grant



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Architects know that building a capacity to give specific or definite form to their intention is sitting within the tension of possibility as a daily practice. Tensegrity, is an architectural term. It means “the property of skeleton structures employing continuous tension members and discontinuous compression members in such a way that each member of a structure operates with its maximum efficiency and economy.”

Earnest leaders and executives working to bring their vision and dream into reality know this process intimately. Sitting with a concept creates its own structural tension in our body when under stress or challenge that are ‘pivot points’ to maturing a new vision. Those who lead also know this is where innovation comes alive in highly functioning teams. Collective vision developed through living in group presence, is acknowledging how we’re feeling and honestly being conscious of the ‘what is’ right now. Ken Wilber’s Integral AQAL Theory explains this as subjectively, objectively, socially and relationally. Checking a vision against these four criteria leaves no stone unturned.

Its our own presence that holds the seeds of clarity, the insight of how to be with our physical and emotional reactions, while suspending and becoming detached from our own stories about what is going on. Then it’s being brutally honest and soul-searching, ‘What do I need?’ Simple? – not really. Try suspending feeling, sensation and thoughts for even 10 seconds, much less re-focus your entire self on what truly matters to you. Only then is it a matter of choice and a decision of what we want moving us forward.

In my role as an executive coach I’ve had CEO’s say, “I’ve done that, what now, nothing has changed?” Examining the situation again while exploring the problem from new perspectives of having made a decision and choice you will notice changes. A vision is a living breathing entity, energized by people’s thoughts, emotions and intentions. It’s message is meaning, when infused with purpose, is vitally alive. Some visions are truly inspired because of their source and that begins with you and something far loftier than sentiment. Your vision is your own imagination faculty seeking to create that masterpiece. If your vision hasn’t inspired people to follow you, then its meaningless; a jumble of words on paper.

A vision is your kinetic energy expressed though a collective purpose to create something and then act upon it without hesitation. A metaphor is taking a drinking from a firehose. Adjusting the water flow by the turning the tap of inspiration lessens or intensifies the water’s force. In kind, clear vision channels purpose and intention from the energy arising from presence. In short, “Vision is, what vision does”.


Jim Grant is Leadership Executive Coach living in Helsinki, Finland. 

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