Leadership – An Act Of Presence (II) / by Jim Grant


Leadership – An Act Presence (II)

Presence – a person or something existing or present in a place that is unseen.

I took this picture yesterday afternoon at the lake. Examine it very closely. Something is hidden here? What is it you feel, sense, see or intuit exploring it?

Nurturing contact with our presence involve conditions covered by the two words: Contact and Impact.

Contact is a setting in your environment until now unknown or measured that has come to the mind. It’s something vague and indefinite that is making its presence felt. This something has usually has been sensed earlier as a theoretical probability, and then invoked by the directed and conscious attention of the one who has sensed its presence, and finally contact is made.

Leave your thoughts in a few words, I’d love to hear what you experienced.

Drop by next week to read about Impact.

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