Leadership – An Act of Presence (III) / by Jim Grant


The Impact of Presence

Presence depends on how I recognize myself as a part of something that’s already whole. If you’re in a leadership role you know how your contact impacts another. Sub-consciously, it’s conveyed through gestures and tone of voice. What eludes most of us is how subtly our presence (or lack of) registers itself in the shadows of awareness. The impressing of tentative key pieces of information is critical. Your whole body carefully scans seemingly insignificant pieces of information validating a notion of a transitory trust. An experience of your own grounded presence pivots like weathervane on mutual confidence pointing to what’s being explored. Curiosity and our willingness to connect reveal new areas to be shared, inviting deeper contact when perceived as safe to do so.

Filtering of our fields of sensory inputs, cautious adaptation invokes our innate ‘knowing’. Introspective testing, a refining process of attunement is how we learn what and how much to share. This offers the potential of how we can relax into a subtler precise shifting of a shared consciousness. A critical moment follows as our whole body’s somatic sensitivity entrained awareness begins opening. A discerned skill, with training and practice a part of us knows faultlessly how to access this implicit state. Only then, something desiring to be known, understood and wisely directed is offered and… not before.

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