Leadership – An act of Presence (IV) / by Jim Grant


Integral as Presence

Look at your outstretched hand for a moment. Now close your hand to make a fist. Opposites of each other, they have something in common. If your hand is always clenched as a fist or always out-stretched, you experience paralysis. Relationally, each is still part of your whole body but respectively, stating and fulfilling a very different function.

Leaders’ know their deepest thoughts are examples of their presence (or not).  In every small contracting and expanding, a thought-form gives rise to dissonance or seeking balance. Leadership can be experienced as an energy of conflicting forces or an integral presence creating a vital system where the whole is greater than its parts.

Yin and yang are in everything i.e. shadow cannot exist without light. Either of these two aspects inhabits a potential to manifest more strongly depending on the criterion of our inner observer. The Tao symbol offers us how presence becomes possible between two opposites when holding a portion of the opposite element in each part.

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