Leadership – An Act of Presence (VI) by Jim Grant


Presence in Purpose 

Specific points in my life have felt as though my world was disintegrating – a career change, kids leaving home, a divorce and life-style shifts all had taken their toll.  Something inside always insisted I probe deeper for evidence behind my ‘why’ or ‘what’. I was intrigued by a resonance in Joan King’s book a ‘Life on Purpose’ about fears that led her to coaching. It offered a pathway leading to me to my own ‘who’ questions.

What surfaced as I toyed with her concept of connecting with her own why, was my own “Who am I that I’m afraid of revealing my self?”  This twisted itself into:

  • Who am I that I’m afraid of revealing my… 
  • (vocation, goals, relationships)
  • Who am I that I’m afraid of revealing… (priorities, beliefs, values)
  • Who am I that I’m afraid of… (vulnerability, letting go, struggle)
  • Who am I that I’m afraid… (of delegating, trusting others, or success)
  • Who am I that I’m… (a CEO, VP, Director, Manager)
  • Who am I that… (matters, motivates, inspires)
  • Who am I… (wanting success, making a difference, contributing)

To get a sense of what lies here I began reviewing what unique abilities I owned. What did I like doing as a young boy? What were my interests and activities? When were the times I felt truly connected to my self and living? What or who inspired me?

I added whatever thought (one or two words) that came to mind at the end of each open question. As a current or emerging leader this short exercise can be a valuable resource for knowing your relationship to presence… your presence matters!

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