Leadership Listening in Three Steps by Jim Grant


Photo: Jim Grant

Executive coaching often requires helping someone to recollect, prioritise and focus their energies. Do you find yourself up against pressing timelines? What to say in the moment? How to proceed at particular moments in your day? How to reduce the anger/stress response of when you’re vexed or perplexed?

Give this a try.

Clarity and discernment are anyones best allies. This is a powerful tool to use before talking to a person or in a group meeting. As an ongoing practice, it’s crucial to be able to in a ‘moment’, to return to your internal center of gravity and listen. It takes less than a minute to do.

Sense your feet on the floor and notice how they connect and ground you to the floor… What are you noticing? What’s happening with your breath? Is it deep, shallow, rapid or slow? Regulate your breath by noticing and wiggle the big toe on one foot. How is this different from the right? Wait for a body response? What happens? How is your bodies sensory response different from a few moments ago? Now… the hard part

Step 1 – Breathe in and ask “What is at the center of my attention”? As your breath pauses, close your eyes … (Listening inward); just say yes to what comes, now relax and let the breath go.

Step 2 – Breathe in again and look for the quiet space inside you. Try to do this with one breath cycle. As the breath pauses, rest quietly here… (Listening to stillness)

Step 3 – Breathe in one more time and ask, “What’s my next step”? As you exhale, ‘notice’ what comes… Write it down and take your next step. (Listening outward)

Practice this several times a day, note the difference.


Jim Grant is an Executive Leadership Coach living in Helsinki, Finland. 

Take that next breath and give him a call (+358 40 178 1030) or send him a note jim.grant@diversitas.fi

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